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General Commissions Terms of Service Agreement

So, you want to commission me? That’s great! I really appreciate it, but first you must read and agree to the following in full before contacting me.

Note in advance that commission spaces are extremely limited as demand is high these days. Wait times could possibly be quite long before you get your chance at a spot. If you’re unable to wait months or possibly longer for an opportunity to commission me, then finding a different artist may be a better suit for your needs.

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Contact will be made through e-mail only

I want to keep any and all correspondence concerning commissions through e-mail. This keeps things organized and allows me better & more reliable communication with you, the client. If you contact me outside of e-mail for a commission, I will respond to you with a link to my ToS. Please have “commission” contained somewhere in your subject line. As time is very valuable to me, please be as thorough as you can in your initial contact, without going overboard on unnecessary detail/story. Provide any light descriptions and VISUAL references that you may have ahead of time so that I can make my decision in as few e-mails as possible. I highly prefer that images are provided by direct e-mail attachment, rather than external links. Please also let me know how you found out about me, and if you have any online accounts you would like me to link to/credit for the commission (e.g. FA username).

You can email me here: >>> MylaFoxProductions@gmail.com <<<

When commissions are open you may optionally submit a Commission Request Form for faster, easier review. Please do not send repeat or duplicate requests as this will not increase your chances at getting a spot (it may in fact have the opposite effect).

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I own and retain rights to all non-commercial commissioned artwork

This means that I am free to display any privately commissioned piece at art shows, post it online, include it in my portfolio, and offer prints of said commission. This is how I maintain low prices. Equally, I am NOT obligated to post or publicly share completed work I’ve done for you. Commissioned art that you receive from me is for your own personal use only. You may upload the finished (watermarked) piece to your galleries (unedited), but you may not profit off of the work in any way, nor use it for advertising. You may print out your own personal copy, but you may not reproduce the artwork in mass. That said, I do not own or retain rights to any of your characters. By contacting me to draw/paint them for you, I am being granted a temporary license. You still retain full rights over your characters, and I am not free to use them in any way beyond the commissioned artwork itself. If you require full rights to any content I create for you, the upfront commission price will increase substantially. The current commercial rate can be found over at my Commission Pricing page.

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Certain commission files are PRIVATE

If you commission me, you will most likely receive multiple versions of your commission, including PRIVATE and PUBLIC versions. Versions marked PRIVATE are for your own personal use only, and are not to be shared or redistributed. PUBLIC versions may be posted and shared freely. This also applies to any WIP files I may send (sketches, flats, etc.), which are to be treated as PRIVATE files (unless otherwise stated). I will permit the editing/red-lining of WIP sketches exclusively during the review phase for my reference only. In simpler terms, if the image doesn’t have my website watermark in it, it’s probably not to be shared.

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Never post my work to deviantART

You are free to display your paid art pieces almost anywhere online (with provided credit and a link back to me), except for deviantART, its subsidiaries, or its affiliates. I strongly disagree with their ToS, and will never grant them rights to use my art for any reason. The only exception to this rule is if you have specifically paid me for full rights to the commissioned art piece, but then it likely wouldn’t be in your best interest to simply give the license away to deviantART (but that part is not up to me).

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Fanart is okay!

I will happily paint and draw your favorite franchises for you, but please keep your ideas on-point and in-character. I want to stay as close as possible to the source content. Even if the work you want from me is adult in nature, there’s always a more classy way of doing things.

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I will not accept gift commissions without permission from the recipient

If you want to pay me to draw someone else’s character as a gift, then I will need written permission from the owner of said character. They will need to contact me via e-mail (sometimes a different method may be requested), and I will verify with them personally before taking on the work. I will on rare occasion make exceptions to this rule, as I understand that surprises can be fun and great (I just want to avoid any bad surprises). You will have to know the recipient very well (I will need to be able to see evident proof of this somewhere), and understand that you are essentially agreeing to my ToS for them, on their behalf. If the recipient doesn’t know or trust you well enough to hand over their character(s) to you, then don’t consider it.

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You may not edit my work

As previously mentioned, I own full rights to all artwork that I create (unless otherwise agreed upon). As such, you may not take your commission and edit it in any way, nor pay another artist to edit said commission without my full written consent. The only exception to this rule is for minor edits such as crops to be used for personal icons/avatars, but you must credit me for the work somewhere publicly with a link to my website.

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I have my own style

You may not ask me to replicate another artist’s style, or deviate too heavily from my own. When you come to me asking for a commission, I’ll assume you have reviewed my work and appreciate my individual style.

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Payment is to be made up-front

I will not begin your commission until full payment is received from you. Upon accepting your commission via e-mail, I will send over an invoice requesting the total amount. I will then let you know when your payment has been received, and provide a completion window you can expect your commission to be finished by (based on when you paid, and what you ordered).

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I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone

I reserve the right to refuse your commission for any reason, and/or cancel your commission at any time. Partial or full refunds may be given (at my discretion) based on the work that has been completed at the time of cancellation.

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You may not request a refund, unless work has not yet been done

As a courtesy, if I do not meet the completion window I set for myself for reasons outside of my control, I will offer you a full refund (you may still receive any work that was done on your commission beforehand). Any wait time needed for correspondence with you may possibly delay your commission, so keep this in mind (e.g. if adjustments need to be made mid-process, or I need further information).

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Square payments are discounted by default, any other payment methods carry additional cost

My primary payment processor is Square. I will send an invoice to you through Square via e-mail requesting the total amount due for your commission. You do not need an account with Square in order to send payment. Square is currently available in the following regions: US, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, and Australia.

Read up on Square services here.

If for any reason you request an alternate method of payment (such as PayPal), you will not receive this standard discount that is applied to my baseline commission prices and there will be a small increase in your quoted total as a result. This is to compensate me for the added time and inconvenience of using different methods.

If paying through PayPal, I will need to be provided with your PayPal e-mail address specifically in order to request the total from you. This may sometimes differ from your correspondence e-mail, so please confirm this with me ahead of time.

E-checks are never accepted, instant payments only!

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Prices may change at any time

I may adjust my prices and fees at any time, with or without warning. I adjust prices based on what would be considered most fair for both of us. Additionally, you fully understand and agree that extra complexity and/or specialty fees may apply to the baseline price your commission. Lots of info. openly available regarding these percentage-based fees and when/why they apply over at my Commission Pricing page.

In the case that you recently purchased a commission from me and my prices decreased very recently (within a week), I will reimburse you the difference. This offer excludes sale prices. If prices have recently increased, you of course owe me nothing.

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Taxes are my responsibility, not yours

Any and all taxes are already considered and pre-calculated in my totals, so the client doesn’t have to worry about them.

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These terms can be modified by me at any time

For more information on what I will and will not draw, as well as available commission types and prices, check my Commission Pricing page.

If you have trouble understanding these terms, would like further clarification, or if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns at all, please direct your inquiries & thoughts to my e-mail contact (listed above these terms).

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!